The WHO partogram is complicated. This simplified version is easier for the staff to manage.

Simplified partogram
  • Mark the descent of the head as follows:

-2           or         “At Pelvic Inlet”                   or                   “Floating”

-1           –           “Above Spines”                   –                     “Dipping”

  0          –           “At Spines”                           –                     “Engaged”

+1          –           “Below Spines”                   –                      “Deeply Engaged” 

+2          –           “At Pelvic Floor”                  –                      “Active Pushing” 

  • Mark the dilatation of the cervix as follows:
    • 1 to 10 cm or 1 to 5 fingers
  • Connect the markings to form two separate lines
  • Expect delivery at the time corresponding to the point where the two lines intersect

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