• Not an indication for C/S per se
  • Avoid C/S


  • Vaginal delivery
  • Deliver the body
  • Leave body hanging
  • Puncture the head suprapubically with a wide bore needle
  • Drain the cerebrospinal fluid
  • Deliver the collapsed head with Mauriceau-Levret’s maneuver
Suprapubic Puncture of Hydrocephalic Head


  • Puncture the head with a wide bore needle
    • Through the open cervix
    • Suprapubically
      • Technically easier


  • Internal version and extraction on one foot or both feet
  • Deliver as a breech presentation  

AT CESAREAN SECTIO (in case of missed diagnosis)

  • Puncture head and drain cerebrospinal fluid before attempting to extract it through the uterine incision
  • Troublesome vaginal and/or uterine tears may otherwise be the result

Puncture and drainage of the head is not harmful to the child

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